Wild Alchemy Foods is a Sussex based company run by Lucie Hawkes. Our aim is to provide traditional, ancient foods for the modern world...


Small batch kefirs, kombucha and raw snacks are lovingly made to order. The products are a reflection of our nutritional philosophy - to bring you the healthiest, ethically sourced and nutrient dense foods to heal and nourish the body. Naturally fermented foods are a great source of beneficial enzymes, B-vitamins and probiotics, which aid gut function and immunity.


We currently stock our products at the Lewes Food and Farmers markets as well as Youjuice in Brighton, alternatively products can be ordered directly from me.


We offer a Gut Health Cleanse to include kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut for anywhere between 7 days to a month. Weekly courses of kefir can also be ordered for collection or delivery for clients in need of a full gut-reboot or simply to replenish your natural gut flora on a daily basis.